Adi Sopandi


Having obtained a principle from a simple family situation, Adi Sopandi is always determined to be an independent man to bring breakthroughs in his family, by believing in “DIFFERENT for changes in the next generation”.

From deep down inside, curiosity and hunger of knowledge are the main drivers of Adi’s journey. Starting from mastering the expertise of accounting by getting a diploma from a private university in Jakarta, to joining BIG Change Agency continuing his quest to broadening his skills and knowledge in information technology & financing, contributing to grow and changing more businesses to the better good.

Aside from his main job in BIG Change Agency, he also actively giving back to the society and engaged in a not for profit organization. Driven to impact the lives of many, Adi involves himself as a volunteer for NusantaRun Chapter 2 to 5. Adi is also an ex-member of Pasukan Pengibar Bendera Pusaka (Paskibraka), which a role that he takes to strengthen his discipline in life and also making realizing his principle by keep moving forward, no matter what will come to knock him down in life.