Tanty Annissa


Showing passionate about novelty and innovation by graduating from Information Technology major early on, Tanty Annissa shows great interest about the world of technology, innovations, strategy and ultimately business.

Complemented with her desire to meet different kinds of people from various backgrounds, she joins BIG Change Agency‘s sister company,ย Absolut Data Indonesia as a strategic corporate engagement to fulfill her wonders.

Tanty Annissa takes charge in developing a strategic plan for Absolut Data Indonesia’s Yellowfin Business Intelligence platform. Sheโ€™s responsible for creating a product market fit in the Indonesian market. She handles the corporate strategy to create a holistic market penetration plans, and also maintain a good relationship with the connected customers and partners.

Having been in this industry for 11 years and counting, she has handled many noticeable clients from various industries such as telecommunication, oil & gas, government, banking, and financial institutions.