What’s it like 🤙 with us?


  • Breakthrough
    Delivering the best in driving big change to create breakthrough resulting to measurable business result is the heart of our work.
  • Teamwork
    Having a close collaboration as an internal team as well as with our clients to broaden perspectives and worldview for making big change and breakthrough.
  • Leadership
    We take leadership as a predominant aspect to lead big change and be led to make a big change.


  • Growth Mindset
    Having a growth mindset to always find a heartening springboard for learning and growing in various situations.
  • Contribution
    Always contributing to make a breakthrough that matters to the growth of us, clients, and society even through small actions.
  • Fun
    Being solution oriented and fun in the same time in doing BIG Change Agency experience.


  • Never Stop Learning
    The attitude of always learning as a timeless behavior in order to improve the personal & professional development.
  • Never Give Up
    Always having a fighting spirit to do the best in order to make a breakthrough despite of huge and numerous challenges.
  • Agile
    Creating the breakthrough effectively and efficiently wherever and whenever we are without neglecting the personal matters.

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BIG Change Agency | Indonesia

We are a boutique consulting & training firm that works in close collaboration with clients to increase profits while improving business culture.

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