Creating Meaningful Personal Brand Experience

Andien Aisyah “Indahnya Dunia” Single Launch

Client: Andien Aisyah

Category: Entertainment

Year: 2017

Managing a personal brand is as essential as managing brand of products or services. It affects not only the reputation, but also contributes to how it generates a long term profitability. In addition, the shifting of consumer behavior affects how consumers enjoy music resulting to the disruptive approach of attracting, engaging, converting, and retaining consumers.

Focusing on personal brand experience that matters for consumers is important since It emphasizes the brand point of difference disruptively instead of focusing on technical features. The question, how does brand experience work in the personal brand context like a Singer? Let’s explore it through our work in Big Change Agency with Andien Aisyah, one of the prominent singers in Indonesia, in creating personal brand experience through her single launch of “Indahnya Dunia” explained by a simple execution framework below:


Define Your Objective

Challenging The Competitive Environment Of Music Industry

The competitive environment in Music Industry where there must be at least one single/song launched everyday has created challenges for singer or musician in generating awareness and making their work different compared to others directly or indirectly resulting to the financial result. The role of Public Relation Strategy that engages media and virality on digital Platform is extremely important to gain awareness. Hence, we set the objective of the project by aiming awareness of the new single measured by certain number of Public Relation Values.


Understand Your Personal Brand Essence

Andien Aisyah: Life Is A Metamorphosis Process

As far as we are concerned, Andien has diverse roles in her life, from a singer to another role such as mom and healthy lifestyle enthusiast, leading to the perception intentionally perceived by consumer. Those roles are intentionally built in order to develop her Personal Brand Architecture, an effort of a personal brand in offering multiply brand images in order to adapt to the unexpectedly market situation.

One of the images in her personal brand architecture is her role as Indonesia’s Cloth Ambassador. This role makes her image look local because her contribution to the cultural Indonesia’s heritage. It means the positivity she spreads exhibited by her role as cloth ambassador influences her essence as a personal brand. This essence is brought into the official video of “Indahnya Dunia” showing the beauty of the world represented by Indonesia’s breathtaking culture and nature.


Curate Insight From Your Potential Consumer

Meaningful Experience Matters

There are three key insights that we have discovered throughout the investigation toward the potential consumers. First, The potential consumers feel that listening to the new song is normal since they tend to be exposed with the new single everyday depicted by social media or digital music service offering millions of songs. Second, they interpret travelling Indonesia as an interesting lifestyle. They rarely see the official video of a single exposing Indonesia’s culture and nature. Third, they enjoy giving and receiving positivity that makes their lives or other people’s lives much better.

Curating the consumer insight into a meaningful story and experience spreading positivity and involving Indonesia’s nature can be an inspiration in creating a content and launch strategy (See step 4 and 5). There is an intersection between Andien’s Brand Essence as cloth ambassador and the consumer insight emphasizing on spreading positivity by enjoying the beauty of Indonesia’s breathtaking culture and nature.


Create A Story That Fits With Your Personal Brand Essence And Curated Consumer Insight

Not Just A Curated Story

“Indahnya Dunia” or “How Beautiful The World Is” is part of Metamorfosa Album. The album tells that the Journey of Andien does not only talk about personal and professional growth as a singer or public figure, but also as a human being who has been profoundly broadening her perspective of how she sees and enjoys the beauty of the world. It shows as though she metamorphosed from egg to butterfly. She believes that the beauty of the world especially indonesia’s culture and nature cannot be fully enjoyed if we only use the sense of sight (eye) or a certain sense. We will wholeheartedly enjoy the beauty of the world if we can ‘feel it’. Through the new single, Andien would like to invite her audiences to enjoy the beauty of the world without seeing, but feeling, by inviting them to help people who are visually impaired to ‘feel the beauty of the world’. Andien believes that memory through eye sight can be forgotten, but “Feeling” is eternal.


Translate The Story Into a Meaningful Experience

From Content To Meaningful Experience, From Offline To Online

We believe that great content is not only worth spreading leading to the high number of media engagement and resulting to expected Public Relation Values, but also creating meaningful and memorable experience for consumers. Hence, Andien invites audiences to tell the story about how they interpret the way of enjoying the beauty of the world by posting a photo with caption on digital platform. The best 25 will be announced on the launching day of the single.

On the launching event, Andien introduces the new single as well as the official video. The event focuses on storytelling delivered to the media invited about how to feel the beauty of the world. The stakeholders having a privilege to tell the story are public figures (including Andien herself) and institutions who have a credibility to talk about it. At this moment, the best 25 posts are announced. The winners are given an opportunity to help visually impaired people to feel the world by whispering the story of the official video clip of “Indahnya Dunia” exposing Indonesia’s culture and nature. It is inspired by the community event called “blind date cinema” where people who are visually impaired can watch movies by being whispered through their ear by people sitting beside them. It not only touches the heart of the participants given the precious opportunity, but also creates story worth spreading for the media.

The positivity of the personal brand experience given during the launch day is not only enjoyed by the participants directly involved, but also people who are outside the launch room. The participants themselve share the experience through digital platform. Thanks for social media that makes people outside feel the experience of spreading positivity resulting to the high number of impression/awareness of the single. This indicates that meaningful offline experience can be impactful further due to social media (Online). Integrated offline & online communication matters!

The launch event as well as the ‘blind date’ is held at Galeri Indonesia kaya, the exhibition gallery exposing Indonesia’s cultural heritage. This place is able to represent the story of “Indahnya Dunia” single that fully exhibits Indonesia as a representative of the beauty of the world.

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It Is Not Only About Awareness

Gaining good number of awareness measured by Public Relation Value is indeed the result of “Indahnya Dunia” single launch as a meaningful personal brand experience. It successfully creates story worth spreading on digital platform and engaging more than 50 medias. Moreover, It affects Andien Personal Brand Reputation especially in the perspective of her loyal fans. They see Andien not only as their favorite singer, but also inspiration of life. This is called loyalty beyond reason.

“People do not buy products and services, they buy relations, stories, and magic” – Seth Godin