Ghiffari Tujuanto


Conveying values through artworks, Ghiffari is always keen to utilize his visual communication skills to effectively translate meaningful ideas.

The balance between business and art is key for Ghiffari in creating contents, in order to achieve legibility of the big idea itself.

His experience as a freelance graphic designer and a business student has created a unique combination of business-minded design portfolio. Ranging from a simple presentation deck, a business process framework, to a full brand logo and design guidelines in various industries, all with the same purpose; to effectively deliver the intended message in a human-centric approach.

Confidently taking inspirations from his unconventional passion and taste in music, design, art, people, and culture, Ghiffari’s arsenal of ideas is always interesting and abundant. Manifestations of his ideas are embedded in various client’s brand identities such as Xdana, Impact by ILP, Borobudur Marathon to name some.