Every people in this world has something in common, they need to fulfill all of their necessity as a human being. Their needs vary from physical to physiological needs. To realize it, people will seek and discover what kind of products or services that is relevant to them. However, there are over hundreds or even thousands of brands that offers the same kind of product or services, there is not many difference that people could see with their naked eyes. With that case in hand, what determines people in choosing a single brand over the other thousand brands available in the market? That is where The Golden Circle plays its part.

The Golden Circle is an idea that was first introduced by Simon Sinek in his TED talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” back in 2009. Back then, He discovers a simple concept about how the world works, and it changes his perspective on seeing everything in the world. This idea is the result of codifying how successful people like Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King Jr. have in common to succeeded in making the people believe what they believed, and inspires them to make a particular action. It is the single most important idea that makes brands such as Nike or Apple so irresistible.

The Golden Circle

Picture: The Golden Circle – Simon Sinek
Source: Sinek, 2009

This concept could be applied on almost everything in the world, but in our context, it applies to brands perfectly and empowers them to than just selling a product or service. The idea is envisioned in a picture of a layered circle, with each layer having a label of a particular word WHY, HOW, & WHAT. Every brand in the world knows WHAT they are selling, most brands would know HOW they sell it, but only a few brands know WHY they are selling their products or services.

Most brand owners would say that they do it for the profit, but profit is just a result of a root cause, a purpose, or a belief that drives them. It’s the real purpose why your brand exists and the reason why your brand has the rights of a share of the market. Most of the brand overlooked their purpose and beliefs, and solely focuses on their products alone, hard selling it to the market in the hopes of gaining the market share.

To get you imagined, majority of people knew Apple is undoubtedly an innovative brand. They sell a huge number of Iphone all, almost everywhere across the world. In their early years, they released the Iphone, Dell’s PDA have already launched and tried to penetrate the mobile phone market. Yet the PDA is long gone, but Iphone is still standing until now, better yet it’s stands tall, topping off the mobile phone market. Apple did not sell their products, they sell WHY do they sell their products.

Apple always says that they are a brand that challenge the status quo, they are the game changers, playmakers, outliers. It’s reflected in their simplistic design and user interface that other brands never give a thought. One of it happens to be the Iphone, and some people actually would spend hours or even days lining up, queuing before in front of the Apple Store to be the first ones to get their hands on the latest Iphone, every single time. People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

For more insights about this topic, take a peek at the actual TED Talk:

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