Joshua Tanuwidjaya


With the urge to help enhancing people’s life combined with the enthusiasm over holistic branding strategy and an extra passion for anything relates to visual design, Joshua overlooks his current major as a business student and takes on various projects inside the creative industry.

From a copywriter to a brand strategist, he seizes any kind opportunity that pass by in front of his eyes, pursuing personal development in every step he takes in life.

Joshua has pursued his personal development from taking on opportunities that aligns with what he is passionate about. He volunteered in a social movement called Inspiration Factory where volunteers get a chance to give back to the community through teaching kids how to dream again. His idealism about the integration of a brand and its consumer led him to join Credens Consulting as an apprentice in helping the research and rebranding process of a particular brand. To grow his passion for visual design, he creates and captures moments with his applied sense of cinematography to satisfy people with pictures from his perspectives.

In his current young age, he realizes that success is not an easy process and it takes long term effort to reach that certain point. That mindset drives Joshua to join BIG Change Agency to face more challenges that revolves around people’s life problems, branding, and visual design. One of his major project is an applied-ethnography marketing with Danone Indonesia for their new brand Caaya.