Angelica Laras


With her engaging attitude, holding deep-rooted values, and high social awareness, Laras enjoy solving problems occurred in small medium enterprises (SME) to clients from entertainment, music, and sports industry.

Her engagements with the art and creative industry motivates her towards cofounding ‘Perspektif’ an in-formal education platform that empowers young talent to grow their potential and as a melting pot for people to show off their musical talents in this community.

She believed that honesty and kindness is the way to go. Revealing the truth to people is her way to show integrity in her works, even if the odds is not on her side. Complemented by the kindness to do good in every way she could, it led her joining BIG Change Agency to uncover more root causes in every problem possible, and do a greater good for the sustainability of her client’s businesses.

Before her career in management consulting, Laras’s high social awareness brings her to become a Community Developer back in her days while attending Prasetiya Mulya Business School. For 2 consecutive years, she helped grow various SMEs sustainability while also enhancing the owner’s life quality. The experience has leveraged her to continue growing her problem-solving skills. Currently, she handles many exceptional clients such as Borobudur Marathon, TULUS, Andien, Erwin Gutawa Music School and Thamrin Group.