Continuous Improvement

Most Continuous Improvement programs fail to address important factors that elevate staff thinking and affect cultural change. An engagement strategy is usually not established. Or it’s poorly planned, missing staff engagement touch points such as communicated success stories, clear feedback on the ROI benefit of daily activities to the business as a whole, personal accountability, and ongoing coaching to promote elevated thinking.

A central repository to capture staff feedback and identify improvement opportunities is also a crucial, yet often missing piece of the overall strategy. As a result, staff engagement drops as workers stop connecting the tasks they’re doing with the big picture view of why they’re doing them. Without ongoing staff engagement, programs grind to a halt.

Our Continuous Improvement programs assess ideas while developing and championing change across the following core criteria:

  • Ease of implementation – Empowerment to just do it
  • Benefit to the business – Financial & cultural
  • Strategic alignment – The bigger plan