Christopher Tobing


Christopher Tobing believe with the concept of constantly growing for the purpose of contribution through teamwork.

Through his career that started in the corporate sector of Melbourne, Australia he has shown one common theme, which is how to contribute fully to the organisation and the environment around it. His personal mission cited in many different occasion is “to help people, organisation and companies to find their WHY and help them achieve it”.

Christopher spend the start of his career at National Australia Bank before starting his own consultancy in Melbourne Australia called Top Leader Coaching and Training. Since then in Australia he has helped medium sized business and high end individual in through leadership training and coaching. He was constantly been called to go back to Indonesia to run leadership and culture program that he decided to expand the business to Indonesia.

In 2014, Top Leader Training and Coaching has evolved into a consulting firm: BIG Change Agency and Christopher is leading the Culture Change and Organisational Development arm.

His focused is to create added value improvement to each unique client in Indonesia through Consulting and Training. Through his journey he has been part and lead change teams in different culture projects servicing across industries from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Energy, Media and many others.

In his consultation he has developed the way to adapt himself to different part of the organisation from C Levels towards front liners. To name a few some of his clients that he has serviced are Unilever, Traveloka, Danone Wardah (Paragon Technology and Innovation Group), Kompas to name a few.

Christopher name his success and growth due the grace of God, the growing team members of BIG Change Agency, and the constant learning that he took.

His passion in learning and education have lead him to be active in the social sector. Parallel in the corporate sector and BIG Change Agency today, Chris spend his time volunteering in Yayasan Lari Nusantara (NusantaRun) since 2013 as the Director, to create a unique ultra marathon fundraising event to support education.